Everlasting Hope’s mission is to create public awareness that infertility is a treatable medical condition and provide financial support to qualifying uninsured patients living in North Dakota. It is our wish to support families experiencing infertility through resources, education, events, and support.

1 in 8 individuals or couples – more than 19,910 North Dakota residents – have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. The American Medical Association, American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the World Health Organization recognize infertility as a disease, which means it should be covered by health insurance like other diseases. However, cost is the number one barrier to infertility medical treatment as North Dakota’s insurance law does not cover infertility treatment.

A national infertility organization, Resolve, completed a community survey that found  39% of participants used credit cards to pay for their fertility procedures, while 12.6% took out loans and 4% used their home as equity. They also found that women (25-34 years old) accrued $30,000 of debt on average after undergoing infertility treatment.

The Center for Disease (CDC) reported that only one in three women who seek infertility services require treatment beyond basic medical advice. Of those patients seeking infertility services, only 7% utilize intrauterine insemination (IUI) and 3% utilize in vitro fertilization (IVF). A low percentage of patients diagnosed with infertility actually require more intensive intervention or IVF. When one does need to seek IVF care it can cost between $15,000 and $25,000 and, on average, it can take 2 to 3 cycles to achieve pregnancy. Additionally, infertility patients will encounter highly inflated managed care pharmacy prices for medications, where patients with coverage can pay as much as 100% more for medications compared to prices charged to self-pay patients.


Currently only 16 states have infertility insurance coverage laws, and six states have fertility preservation laws for iatrogenic (medically-induced) infertility. In the state of North Dakota there is no insurance mandate for infertility diagnosis or treatment. Under North Dakota’s current law, patients bear the responsibility of covering the costs of diagnosis and treatment. Depending on the cause of the fertility problem and the therapy used to treat the problem, that cost can be considerable. A major impediment to access to treatment to resolve infertility is insurance coverage.


Everlasting Hope is an organization whose mission is : (1) to provide assistance for qualifying infertility patients living in the state of North Dakota, and (2) to create public awareness that Infertility is a treatable medical condition and that the community as a whole benefits when these patients have access to medical care (3) support families experiencing infertility through resources, education, events, and support.


Everlasting Hope was created to reach out to the general community in support of North Dakota infertility patients. Everlasting Hope strives to provide assistance to patients who must pay out-of-pocket for prescribed medical care. We aim to be a source of support for those experiencing the diagnosis of infertility and provide resources for all of those in North Dakota.


Tara Brandner

 Tara Brandner- Founder/President


Kaitlyn Weszner

 Kaitlyn Weszner- Treasure/ Community Outreach Director


Jennifer Rohrich

 Jennifer Rohrich – Director of Digital Media & Communications


Kristin Natwick



Tara B. Brandner

 Board Member


We are thankful for people that are willing to donate their time, resources, and ideas. There are many volunteers opportunities available.

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