Bill mandating insurance coverage of infertility treatment fails in North Dakota Senate

State Sen. John Grabinger, D-Jamestown, sponsored the bill and testified Feb. 14 that his 23-year-old daughter was the state’s first gestational surrogacy birth. His wife, unable to conceive, had a relative carry and deliver their child. This inspired his political career, Grabinger said; he successfully pushed to make the birth form legal in 1995 just […]

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Support Legislation Requiring Insurers to Support Infertility Care

This guest post was submitted by Tara Brandner, a doctorate nurse practitioner, infertility patient, and primary constituent behind SB 2233. She has also created a Facebook page to share information about the legislation. One in eight individuals or couples, and over 14,000 North Dakota Residents, have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. The American Medical Association, American […]

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