When an individual is diagnosed with infertility, the majority of patients bear the responsibility of covering the costs of treatment.Cost is the number one barrier to infertility medical treatment. North Dakota’s insurance law does not cover infertility treatment. More than 19,900 in North Dakota and 23,781 in South Dakota have this diagnosis. No one expects that their insurance company will deny them coverage for this medical condition yet they do or have lifetime restrictions. Everlasting Hope works to break these barriers that present for patients. Employees and employers have the ability to add this coverage. We would love to help you navigate this complex road.

Click the link below to learn more. Please email us at tara@raisingeverlastinghope.org to get started with Everlasting Hope supporting you through this process.

Health Insurance 101 from Resolve 

Obtaining Insurance Coverage at Work 

If you are an employer wanting to add coverage learn more here
If you provide insurance coverage at your place of work we want to know! Email us at the address above to be added to a list of infertility friendly places to work.