Our 1:8 Pledge Goal for 2020: Our goal is to raise $5000 to continue our grant efforts and move forward with strong legislative efforts for the 2021 session to increase access to care for North Dakota families.

How do I take the 1:8 pledge? 

  1. Donate just $18.
  2. Pledge to flip the script and join the movement that will help break down the barriers people with infertility face every day in North Dakota.
  3. Ask three friends to do the same.

BAM! Just like that, you’ve helped someone in North Dakota with infertility build their family! 

Don’t want to ask three friends, but still want to participate in the 1:8 Pledge? Donate $180 instead! (Or another amount —Everlasting Hope will gratefully accept any donation, large or small!)

1:8 Pledge

About:Thank you for joining Everlasting Hopes efforts to provide access to care for North Dakota women and men who are struggling to build their families by providing them with support and insurance coverage.

What is the 1:8 Pledge?: The 1:8 pledge program was developed by Everlasting Hope, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting North Dakota families diagnosed with infertility by providing funds, resources, education, events, and support.

Since its inception in July 2019, Everlasting Hope has opened its first grant cycle which raised over $5000 to give back to families in North Dakota. Events have been held across the state, patient stories shared, support groups formed, and awareness raised that infertility is a disease that affects 1 in 8 right here in North Dakota.  

Why: Cost is the number one barrier to infertility medical treatment as North Dakota’s insurance law does not cover infertility treatment. The average cost of treatments is more than $15,000. .Additionally, infertility patients will encounter highly inflated managed care pharmacy prices for medications, where patients with coverage can pay as much as 100% more for medications compared to prices charged to self-pay patients.

Everlasting Hope’s Mission: Everlasting Hope mission is to provide assistance for qualifying infertility patients, while creating public awareness that Infertility is a treatable medical condition and provide resources, education, events, and support to North Dakota families diagnosed with infertility.