We appreciate people that are willing to donate their time, resources, and ideas. There are many opportunities for volunteers available.

Please send an email to beatndinfertility@gmail.com explaining why you feel you would be a good asset and why youÔÇÖre passionate about joining our team of volunteers.


This individual will work closely with the President to seek, foster, and strengthen relationships with the community to promote Everlasting Hope. This position is responsible for overseeing their community events, volunteer coordination, external affairs, and development within their community. This individual will have strong support and help from board members for these tasks. This is a volunteer position. Estimated time commitment is 5-10 hours/month.

We have openings in the following communities


This individual will work closely with the Director of Digital Media & Communications to promote Everlasting Hope. They will perform supportive services for the basic and intensive needs of a nonprofit organization. This position is primarily responsible for the back-end operations of digital channels (social media, website, e-communications) and plays a supporting role in content creation and content dissemination via social media platforms as well as ensuring brand compliance. This position includes but is not limited to 1) Work with Director to ensure website is up to date and user friendly 2) Assist in the planning, creation, and distribution of social media for all Everlasting Hope media platforms 3) Oversee e-communications deployment and data management using MailChimp. 4) Support and protect the Everlasting Hope brand by ensuring positive and relevant messaging. This is a volunteer position.